You may have heard the term “financial literacy” before. This concept describes the process of helping someone learn about financial topics.

While financial empowerment includes the concept of financial literacy, it goes beyond just acquiring knowledge. The focus of financial empowerment is to build the skills you need to manage money and learn to choose the financial products and services that work for you.

When you’re financially empowered, you’re both informed and skilled. You know where to get help with your financial challenges and can assess and choose financial products and services that meet your needs. This sense of empowerment builds confidence, helping you effectively use your financial knowledge, skills, and resources to reach your goals.

If you feel knowledgeable about financial topics and comfortable in your own approach to money management, credit, debt, and financial products, you can better help others facing money issues that may be complicating their lives.

If you're ready to start building your financial future...